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Grey cammo undies make me cool.

Last night was super special. Blackjack picked me and the Unibomber up and took us out to some of their "bookstore friends"'s house for a Goblin Town ghetto BBQ. I got to spread the Purple Jesus (That is: 1 fifth Gin, 1/2 fifth vodka, 1 bottle grape juice, 1 bottle pineapple juice) via scary Tiki glasses. I was in rare mocking form... but I think Blackjack just brings that out in me. (Seeing him in the Hello Kitty apron helped a little.) The burger meat was all weird and incohesive on the grill and they kept loosing little parts as it slipped through.. and when they were "done"... well.. I don't think "rare" covers it.

I'm not really sure whether eating a half-raw burger gains me karma or looses it. I'm leaning towards loss right now.

The main feature for me was watching wrestling with the lady of the house; we've been trying to get together and watch it pretty much ever since I moved here circa February/March. Slightly drunk and shouting at WWF = yay.

I'm starting to get really irritated about my car though (or absence of such entity). When I had the car, riding in a backseat was enjoyable. Now it just frustrates me.

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