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If you could imagine, for a moment, there is a soda can sitting on the ledge of the roof portion in the upper rightish. I'd go back and wait for one to actually be there and reframe the shot more appropriately and the like except that I don't think my friend who lives on the second floor would appreciate my breaking into what is now her b/f's apartment on the third floor. I always imagined it was possible to just walk across these rooftops, to edge along a wall here and stick your foot in a windowsill there and eventually make it onto any roof along the entire block. Staring that picture in the face makes it look so different than it seemed, idealized networks of paths in the night. Start at You Are Here and end up anywhere, and there will always be a soda can out on the ledge when you arrive.

I've been telling myself how I'll write a diatribe debunking the myth of G.I. Joe, or rather a diatribe agreeing with their recommendations on how to best prepare yourself for fightin'. Like most everything else lately it gets relegated to ideal idea status. Something to think about doing, not to think about, or do. The focus is the ends, not any semblance of means.

Also, I just like diatribes.

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