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Last Saturday Siamang and I escaped the area as per the block party fears, but since he had to work Sunday morning (they have a 4 in the am now?) we opted out of the shore plans. Instead, we got a room about 5 miles away on the NJ side. I'd looked places up in the morning and settled on one place that seemed best suited, and since the site said they had plenty of rooms available, I just headed over to grab one. Oh, sure I could reserve a room via their website, but wouldn't that just be one extra step since they're 10 minutes from here, anyway? Oh no. Arriving I was told that they have no rooms now and in a few hours when they might, they'll be 40 bucks more than they were online. "Fuck you Jack!" is what I said in my head as I "No thanks"ed my way outside. I called Siamang at home and (after an initial flutter of frustration) asked him to see if he could get the room online still. Yep, rooms still available at the same price I'd found. He offered for me to come home so I wouldn't have to wait until he got ready to leave since he'd just walked in from work, but I was feeling whatever you call it when you don't feel like paying an extra 3 bucks for bridge toll when you shouldn't have to wait in the first place, so I started driving around looking for places to idle. Not long until I ended up at Border's buying 40 bucks of books (a juicing book for him, a slow cooker book for me), split between the consumer irony and the idea that at least this way we have books to show for the $ instead of simply time.

Not quite a week later, and I just got done stuffing the kitchen full of weeirdo foods like parsnips and leeks and turnips, a flat of oxtails in the fridge and a shank of lamb on my mind. The whole house smells like cloves and wine from yesterday's experiment, and in a little while I'm firing up the peanuts and chili powder.. we'll see how they mix. Either my patience or my planning is going to take some tweaking.. 'cause this slow cooker is the best thing that ever happened to the ambient smell of home, but damn, 9 hours can be a long time to look forward to food.

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