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You know how they say you shouldn't post chatlogs because no one else knows what you're talking about?

I wish there was a thing where you could get some device, and there would be barcodes on pages in recipe books and you could scan them, and it would assemble a grocery list.

"I don't get the convenience factor. Just so you don't have to hand-write a list?"

Part that, part because there can be a lot of overlap of ingredients and it would shortcut portion adding.



If we had Microsoft SQL Server or Access we could make a database of recipes, and generate ingredient lists with a merged report. You could select any number of recipes and it would print out a list of all the stuff you needed, with no duplication. You could even set it up so it tabulates the ingredient quantity(ie 7 cups flour) and tells you if you need to buy more than 1 unit of the specified ingredient at the store."


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