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All the better to bury peas under, my dear.

Sprockets loves to fit. Is my product placement too obvious? Bort steals but he gives back to the community while he sleeps. I store stuff under my bed because it's ever so convenient with the bed stilts in place.

Bed stilts, now there's a modern convenience I don't wanna live without. The ones I have, I bought before I even had a bed because I knew that I'd want them, I knew that there's no point to even having a bed if you can't put it halfway up the wall. I've slept on the floor for good chunks of my life, but if there's a rectangle involved, it better be hoisted up on blocks. I saw some mattresses for sale this weekend at one of those clearance/closeout/get-it-the-fuck-out type stores and damn if I'm not tempted to buy a set simply because they were so incredibly thick. Some fat-ass box spring and equally fat mattress, with additional layers above and between like a frosted cake. Or a double burger with that extra bread in between.. whatever. Fuck that, bed is like cake. If I ever have the room I'm'a get me one of those hanging from the ceiling on chains beds, like in Titus Themovieus. In gas form, in cushion form, it doesn't matter.

This really happened. So did this.

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