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"People exist who want us to marry their daughters. Think about that."

Thanks to my aunt driving down to visit my dad and their mom every other week, I've become obligated to attend my cousin's wedding August 1st. Nobody has anything to say about it beyond it being at "but it's a pretty place. It's a really pretty place." in the Bronx, and vague remarks about how "hastily arranged" it was before they hastily change the subject. I'm assuming some manner of shotguns are involved, and I can't wait to discover what kind. Totally guessing of course, but it's educated guessing based on nervous laughter frequency and shifty sideways glance ratios. Oh, my wacky family and their shifty looks!

I keep wondering things like how my cousin will look, and if he still looks like a mis-dressed Raggedy Andy in a suit that's being pressed towards the floor by an invisible hand on top of his head, will I be able to keep from laughing out loud.

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