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"It's better when you can't understand the words."

Tomorrow I'm going to Home Depot (and beyond if needed) to get those sticky faux stained glass window inserts for the sake of privacy, regarding the enormous front window. I almost ran out for them today after looking up and making eye contact with someone peering in past the maladjusted vertical blinds, but I kept my cool and hid deep inside my own home instead. A few hours later the doorbell rang, when I answered that scratchy-voiced annoyance was standing on the doorstep saying her son wants to know where our cats are. Your son wants to know. Where our cats are.

Fishtown, I am begging you to stop. You have to stop.

On a related note, the song I'm listening to sounds exactly like a scene in one of those movies everyone no one I complain about. But not in a bad way, in a perfect light way.

On a faded into obscurity note, have you ever noticed how sometimes people interpret brain-stuttering terror as some kind of self-induced discomfort? "I don't have low self-esteem, I'm all crossed up under my arms because it's an illusionary barrier against you. Duh."

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