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gesprenkelt panzer mensch

"I bet you hate them."

No, I say a million and one times, I don't. Sure, I'd like to know what I'd look like without them. Sure, whenever anybody asks that whole "Ifyoucouldchangeonethingblahblah" line the words "No freckles" shoot from my mouth faster than the speed of sound. That doesn't mean I hate them. That just means I have curiosities. Stop accusing me, presumptive motherfucker.

In the interest of science I note: That doesn't look anything like my face. It warps in the camera.

In the interest of reciprocity I note: I took that pic when I took the bruise pics, after waking up in the night. I'm one of those people who takes a shower at 11pm, puts on makeup, then goes to bed. It's because I'm a horrible person.

In the interest of interest I note: I can see my hands holding the camera in my eye. It's an unusual vision. So different than simply knowing they're there.

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