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Movelog: "I wouldn't do nothin' else."

Subtitle: "It's not his fault, his parents moved there when he was very small!"

Cat herding has been, so far, easier than expected, though it was in fact Bort who was the most visibly distraught from moving rather than Sprockets.

The first day was spent hiding. The second day was spent hiding, with short bouts of slinky low-running. (Mostly back to hiding spots after being forcibly yanked to make sure he knew where food and bathroomage were.) By the third and forth day he did start coming out of his own accord, though much of his time was still spent hiding and hiding some more. It wasn't until more of my stuff started piling up that he finally started relaxing at all.

A month later, everything' cool, except that he gets picked on a bit because of his unusual accent.

I'm sort of surprised I didn't bother taking pics of the old apartment in it's emptiest state, particularly with the documentation spree I've been on lately. It didn't creep me out the way I'd expected though, I guess by the time it was hollow and clean I no longer cared.
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