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"If you wana stop by my place I have some doughnuts you can smell."

Sometimes I think I tug all the right sleeves at exactly the wrong times.

The house is coming together, although my computer's in the wrong one. I thought I was gonna be all the way into this whole transitional move-over-the-course-of-a-month thing, but after the cats were brought together there right away, this place feels less like a Hobbit hole and more like a ditch. I come by thinking I'm gonna hang out a bit.. dork around online and the like, but end up skitzily eyeing the door until I dash home having not actually accomplished anything.

I need about 15 webspaces. And a new memories folder that starts here. I won't make it though. And in searching for that particular entry I of course skipped 15 or 50 that I should have bookmarked for nefarious purposes but didn't 'cause I'm skitzily eyeing the door. It occurs to me, I never filled out my own poll.. and now I actually have a garbage disposal.

It's not flashing and it's not marquee'd and it's not giant or flaming or avec a tangy zip, but I did promise after all. lamppost More, better, faster, later.

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