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I have booned my soul to an online game.

Which is to say, I've found something to do for five minutes a day that's hella cool.

In addition to being all fun and dorky and snark (that's what little boys are made of), this game is borderline magical with it's ability to foretell the present.

Exhibit A: Shed faster. Now, bask over there.

As Sneaky Pete can attest, (Well he could if that animal psychic was around, I suppose.) I am definitely a gecko supervisor. I'm not sure if I'm level four, but it's certainly a possibility. Speaking of Sneaky Pete, he's all over this game. Coincidence?

Exhibit B: Not two days after a grievous exchange with a half-open door, this happens in game:
"In the Sleazy Back Alley, you are bum rushed
by a rushing bum. Yikes!
He gets the jump on you.
He bums you in the nipple. Ooh!
You lose 1 hit point."

Exhibit C: Upon reflection, I think I'll skip the explanation of how my lvl 2 Pastamancer's title is currently appropriate.

It's tempting when finding something like this to start going link-crazy. Look at this and how 'bout that and examine here, please. Instead I'll just say: Every time I start feeling frustrated about having run out of turns for the day, I find something that woos me back.

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