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I was thinking the other night that it's been kind of a while since I did an overnight diner excursion, or even a few hours over a cup of coffee. So when I opened my email just now with an invitation desirous of my company, think how excited I must have been! Where are we going? Who's coming with?

We're going to the Man Haters' Club, with a bunch of angry *bitches*! (See user info re: **)

I have to wonder where the fuck people find me. I scoped out the maintainer and the only connecting info I noticed was a community I don't belong to anymore, and haven't posted in for over a year. While my journal doesn't say stuff like "My boyfriend's penis will be in my mouth later! Yay!", I don't think anyone could actually read it and come up with the idea that I'd have the remotest interest in joining that kind of place, or have any kindred sympathies. Nor do I have any interest in banging my head against someone else's mania, as per the "feel free to attack us" vibe throughout the info and promotions.

In the time I've been writing this the promoter has explained it all! It's nothing personal, it's not a random LJ promo, it's Debate trolling. Perhaps she should rephrase that. Maybe it should say "This will *raise* some *heckles*, *hopefully*.", to evidence that she doesn't really mean to harass people, that it was simple exaggeration of her true feelings. How weak. It was less disappointing when it seemed like innocent if desperate promotion, as the maintainer's personal journal is slathered with begs to join. Which of course begs the question: Total psycho for-real, or total psycho trolling journal? Eesh.

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