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Fuck irony, I just want my song.

So I'm doing another acquire-everything-in-their-catalogue-(or-at-least-close-to-it)-in-one-week download session, this time for the Cocteau Twins. It's easy enough, despite the fact that I have to weed through hundreds of users who have anywhere from 3-700 songs already in que before me. Hell, the search turned up so many results it's hard to control the scroll bar.. I just fly through the list and try to stop when I see someone who hasn't been grabbed by anyone else yet, completely unable to keep from skipping whole blocks of names. It doesn't matter if I miss what I need, it's all repeated in an endless pool of collectors. In another search window, I tried to find this one Shelleyan Orphan song from an old tape I rescued from under the radiator this morning, and it took 7 minutes for any results at all to come back. Eventually about a third of the window filled with results, half of which are jpgs. I currently have my song que'd from someone with 117 people in line before me, as they're the only current option. Their user name is 'cocteautwin'.

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