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Oh god, why hast thou forsaken me?

Cut for style and execution spoilers.

Jesus fell down 87 times in a row, all in slow motion. While Mary Magdalene does emit two vocal sobs and one heave, Mary Jesus's mom shows her emotion to watching her son being torn to pieces by looking forlorn donned in everyone's favorite sign of mourning: single tear, halfway down the cheek. Lots of slow-mo gaping. Lots of slow-mo reaching. Jesus remembers stuff the way I remember stuff. Judas's haunting was nice. So were most of the Romans and the church leaders. When Barabbas entered on a comical note I prepared to cringe but chuckled instead. Well done. Pontius Pilate, better than I'd expect as well. His wife, a little over-emo for my tastes. Probably has a kickin' LiveJournal though. Two thumbs up on the language, and I'm curious as to how it would stand with no subtitles. I'd go again if I had that option. I can't help but think there would have been time for more content if Jesus fell down like 15 less times.

P.S. Dear Satan. I rule. You go sulk in your pit. Ha ha, best regards, me.

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