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I gotta admit

When someone says "Do you want a line of coke?" and someone else hears "Do you want a lime Coke?", something is wrong. I'm not sure what it is, but it's there, and it's wrong.

I never knew the Trenton bridge was 75 cents. Maybe that's 'cause I hate Trenton almost as much as I hate Old City. Maybe it really is true that

I mean it's no free New Hope bridge, but it's not 3 bucks either. Of course, you have to have gone to Trenton to take advantage of it, and frankly that feels a bit like Trenton taking to me. Taking from me. So yeah, I'll stick to the $3 bridges, thanks.

"You need to let him know that his name is wack
And Lil' Kim and Christina Aguilera got your back"

You know, when you put it that way, I guess it is kinda sad, and not.. neato.

Oh! I almost forgot! The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia called my cellphone the other day! Now I have to learn whatever form-phrase their receptionists use so I can amuse myself if that # ever calls back. Won't somebody think about the children?

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