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Answer Key

vaguerant: Not very recent, but this is the one series of events that comes to mind with any degree of certainty every time similar questions are brought up. I used to be friends with this girl who I could describe at length but won't.. suffice to say she had this mentality that made life more bearable. The kind of person who even now, just knowing she exists somewhere on earth makes me happy. At any rate.. she, myself, and my b/f at the time spent a lot of time together, and we were all very good friends. Over time I noticed she was falling in love with him. She never said anything about it, she never did anything about it, she never made a move and never even tried to do any of those vaguely shoe-dropping things that people do and rationalize they didn't really do anything. But it was tangible, anyway. The way I started acting towards her started changing. I didn't confront her or get "hostile", but there was something different, uncomfortable.. there. I only changed out of my own insecurity.. I didn't expect her to make a move, but just knowing that these feelings existed made me so afraid that in the end, because of the new awkwardness I inserted into our relationship, we drifted apart. She stopped calling us. Over the next few years both of us tried to get back in contact with her, but when we'd call her there was always this space in between, and she'd promise to call back but never would. I know this only happened because I let my own fear take over a situation irrationally. I could have just been her friend.

meetzemonsta: You know the answer to that, you've been shopping with me.

theepumpkingirl: You need to trade in those wee folks for Dish Washing Gnomes. Only then will the whisker pulling stop. The cats might be a little soapy, though.

insect_in_amber: I think that's a combination of obsessive introspection and a partial will to communicate fully (despite how in-obviously I write). I think, there are all these networks and systems and processes going on that I have no idea what's really going on in there. I want to be able to see it as clearly as one would see blueprints, and to exchange mine with other people for theirs.

rasp_utin: One: You are a crazy cheater. Two: I don't remember specifically (re: the first part of the question), but I know it's something along the lines of mentality. I could say I like reading about this thing or that thing that you write about, but that kind of thing is more of a basic frame that has nothing to do with the actual content. I guess it's just the kind of thing where you perceive some people as being of similar mind, in some way. "On the same level". Sort of. Speaking the same language, in a way. This last sentence is just an excuse to say "in a way" again, in a way.

zulko: Yes yes yes yes!!! Yes.

rhys_wizenfork: Judging by the icon, yes. By the picture from the 3rd, no.

This is all I've gotten so far. The window of opportunity is still open. Soon we'll return to our regularly scheduled ashes and lies.

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