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sometimes my brain hiccups

Much of the time when he sleeps over, I wake up first and watch him sleep for a while before I peel myself out of bed. The first weeks we slept together, when he stayed here for a few days, when I stayed at his for more, he never seemed to sleep, ever. He'd be wide awake when I fell asleep. Wide awake when I got up in the morning. Wide awake when I tossed and turned myself awake during the night. There was one exception that I remember, during my first west side visit. I guess I did something in my sleep, maybe turned or nudged him, because he woke with a start, propelling backwards from me with all the alarm of someone shocked awake. I pretended not to notice, not to be awake enough to be cognizant. I always kind of wondered if part of his brain was surprised to find another person in bed. Or something. Like that. Now when one of us kicks or turns we mmph and back to sleep before the sound is completed. In a small way I miss his robotic lack of sleep, but not nearly so much as I enjoy getting to catch these moments of slack.

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