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I just saw part of some Phalanx of Friends type cartoon, wherein the smart girl was found to be so smart the school wanted to promote her to Smarty Smart Kids School, or whatever they're calling it these days. I know, I'm complaining about a cartoon. A gimmick cartoon at that, the kind that's made not so much to tell stories but to be wholesome entertainment. A cartoon made to fill a watchable, parent-approved time-slot.

But see, the thing is, they went to such lengths to PCify everything about everything, and yet.. and yet.. when the girl goes to meet with the genius school peeps, trying to feign moronosity in order to stay in her clan, she leaves her standard geek attire at home and dresses up in popular kids' clothes. As she enters the room, the panel of faculty reels back, aghast, one exclaiming, "That is your genius?!"

I'm glad the kids of the world have shows like this, brave enough to shun puerile entertainment value in exchange for providing responsible half-hour lessons, to remind us what it's all about.

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