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For the second time in my life, my functional grandmom is moving much to my dismay from a house I have grown to love into a smaller space. When I was little, she lived in a giant house with two giant floors and a giant attic where I played with secret toys by light streaming in dusty windows and made some ball on a string say what I thought and a giant basement where I don't remember going. The staircase was wide enough for everyone at once and had a ball on the end of the banister the size of my head. The main room family (from all manner of parts extended and unknown) gathered in was the size of my entire apartment, if it were reconfigured as a giant square, full of families that sometimes we'd remember and sometimes not. Eventually she started renting out the second floor, and even though the space we occupied wasn't cut into, her house became solidly smaller. Less strange family came around. More of the regular crowd after hours kinda thing. The dining room.. have I mentioned how immense the table was? Eventualier still she decided that the property tax outweighed the space she needed, or something like that. She sold the castle right out from under me and moved into a small rowhome. Two floors with a basement which is definitely enhanced by Tardis technology, but it still was unmistakably small. She moved in. She lived in. And over time this house - this small, ever-cold house - became her home, even to me. This year, in preparation for our family xXxmas festivities (now whittled down to a scant 9, including children) my mom alerted me that my g-mom would be moving into an apartment in some complex come January, and she would be giving a lot of things away during the visit, so be prepared and take what you want. It's a shame that house smells so nice. I know it's not a fantasy castle like the old one, but it's weird and awkward and sad to me, both to never go there again, and to have to eventually see my g-mom in the context of an apartment. I try to find ways to hold on to the house.. examining everything with uncommon attention to detail, just so I'll have it. The basement smelled like sitting down there away from the family, drawing on a chalk easel and reading books underground. On the way up the stairs a fat slug was climbing the baseboard.

My g-mom kept telling everyone to ask for anything, don't worry, if she still wants it she won't give it away but don't hesitate to ask. I wanted everything, but I hardly asked for anything. Two wall hangings, two pieces of costume jewelry which are "works in progress" and need silly things like clasps. And a fish shaped wooden bowl that she used to serve snacks in.

Oh yes, I did manage to wrest control of some special super mega treasure, which everyone who was anyone coveted desperately.

The single best political debate of my years of holidays visits occurred, during which my mom accused my aunt of voting for a chair, one uncle said "I agree with everything Bush has ever done, except for one thing. I don't agree with him for putting pressure on Israel.", and everyone became socialists, including Sir Uncle Not Appearing In This Country. The uncle I utterly adored as a small child and grew to loathe as an adult pulled some surprising moves, shocking my brother and I (even though he couldn't understand adoption under the weight of trying to present his point as one who is presenting something). That was a sub-conversation between the three of us in the cold abandon of the front curb, though. "My mom left, and our uncle David who is a complete tool and you will hear more about later left, and me, E, and our aunt and uncle had a great conversation. Our G-mom chimed in from time to time with things that were largely grandmotherly and largely argued against, and our cousins played Monopoly in between everyone, more of a nice backround than a distraction or interferance.", that too.

My grandmom asked me repeatedly why I brought so many cookies. An uncle asked me about my b/f. Everyone asked about E's language studies, at some point or three.

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