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I haven't said anything about it, but a few weeks ago I had to buy a new (used) car because the starter on the Emomobile was starting to go. Starting to meaning much evidence of surliness and one attempted stranding. So anyway.. I clicked my heels together three times and a very unremarkable car decided to join the party. Green. Four-door. Butterfly appliques.

I couldn't help myself.. I waited until the very last day legal to call to have my car towed. The one time I had reason to sit behind the wheel after getting the replacement, it felt so comfortable I ached. I've been clinging to and putting off the demise of this car for almost as long as I've had it.. (going on two years)* It having been totaled mere five months into that. *(Although thinking about it today, I could have sworn, for a moment, that it was closer to 4 or 5.)

But far be it from me to have a totaled car towed, when the starter still turns over.

It sang a farewell dirge.. it sounded like a dozen angry cars all honking in unison.

The only debris I left was the dried bouquet on the dashboard.

I wave goodbye, and a moment later it turns the corner.. gone.

"Back in the day"

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