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Gratuitous Matrix Entry: No spoilers needed.

The more they show just how much technology and mechanical capability the Zionists (ahem) had, the more I have to ask why the fuck no one reinvented a needle and thread to sew up the holes in their Rebel Sweaterstm. In the first movie it made sense for everyone to be in tatters, all the time. They were hiding underground with nothing but the skin on their backs and tasteless gruel. By the second and third movie they're hiding underground with hundreds of spaceships and giant robots and lasers and the P-Funk All Star council (of elders). They just opt to never sew or use salt.

I expected it to suck, but I didn't expect it to give up on the (albeit sucky) direction the second one spun off in, and be so entirely formula-movie. I didn't expect the action scenes to be so damned repetitive, and so unremarkable. The second movie blew goats, but it was very nice to look at. There are scenes from the second movie that make it worth watching, even re-watching. And the plot, while horrible and insipid, is at least something horrible and insipid that someone thought of, not simply copied out of a manual of movie-making. The action scenes in Revolutions are so tired and blah and terribly reminiscent of those scenes in cartoons where they mock the tendency to reuse backrounds by showing the same footage a bunch of times in a row to make sure everyone knows it's a loop.

It struck me the first time Team Sweater entered the Matrix that they come across very much like those people who don't dress *as* anything on Halloween, but just dress in a snazzy outfit they'd be too afraid to wear any other time of the year (see: lack of sewing), and call it a costume. The kind of clothes if they saw someone else wearing in the middle of May, they'd point and segregate, but secretly covet enough to keep the dream alive one night a year. I also started wondering if all they have to do is imagine and exert their will, why the only thing they change is their clothes, but that's likely more of an avoided thought than an unthought of thought, irl-wise. Anyway. It never used to come across that way to me, just an impression this time around. More of a pathetic and desperate vibe than striking, imposing, or swank.

One positive thought that came to me was it must have been fun for Hugo whassisname to make all the faces for the army-of-Smith scenes. Not the "I am insane, can you not see that I am insane?" face that kept coming up in scenes that focused on him, but when they'd show row after row of Smiths and they all had different expressions, it just seemed like it might have been fun.

And of course, on top of everything, all of this, Neo doesn't even know not to waste a perfectly good mouthful of blood on the floor.

Negative 3 stars out of 4. Negative 5 for blood-wasting.

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