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Home alone

Spookachu 10/29/20 9:12 PM OMG!! First Pikachu episode!!

(I didn't notice if it's actually the first
one or a flashback episode, but it's the whole
"Ash gets Pikachu" thing.)

Spookachu 10/29/20 9:19 PM First Pikachu was a jerk! Then he got beat up!

Spookachu 10/29/20 9:19 PM "My g/f sends me play by plays of Pokemon

Spookachu 10/29/20 9:25 PM And then Ash stole a bike to take him to a
Poke-hospital! And Pikachu had to get inside a
Pokeball but he didn't! Oh! :(

Spookachu 10/29/20 9:28 PM But he lived and now they are friends.

Spookachu 10/29/20 9:28 PM :D

Spookachu 10/29/20 9:28 PM :O

Spookachu 10/29/20 9:28 PM ;(

In case there was any doubt.

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