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I'm frequently extremely tempted to do a "100 things about me" kind of entry, partially because it's the perfect home for what would otherwise become many one-line entries, and partially because layers of artifice aside I do enjoy exposé. (And talking about myself!) The problem, of course, lies in my inability to actually remember the asides that come to mind when I'm not able to type it out. "Five things about me" seems fairly pointless, and in a way more self-serving for less meat.

So, with that said,

I have a phobia of answering the door dirty. It's a vagueish yet looming feeling that if I answer the door remotely dirty I will never (have the opportunity to) be clean again. I don't fear other states of unpreparedness in that context. I can answer the door in a towel without batting an eye. I can go out to run errands dirty, or at least dirtier than I'd feel at ease responding to an unexpected doorbell. In a way, I know it's almost entirely baseless and ridiculous. In a way, I still said "almost".

I have a facination with cars traveling through the same intersection simultaneously. Not crashing or otherwise blocking, but moving in a syncronicity that allows everyone to go without actually stopping. Any time I'm involved in this sort of traffic movement, it leaves a sort of stamped pattern resonance in my head for many seconds after passing through. Somewhat like a mandala, but moving. Traffic on multi-lane highways merging back and forth simultaneously produces a similar feel, but not nearly as hooked into my head.

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