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The new Barnes and Noble

I've come to a conclusion today. Vegetarian hippy health food stores should be open 24 hours, similarly to many less wholesome establishments. "But!", you're saying. "But, there's not enough call for it! Nobody would come!"

This is where I steeple my fingers and illuminate the sublimeness of that observation.. 'cause I'd be very fuckin' happy if I never ran into another human being while buying my blueberry juice and organic scones again.

On a related note, the last time I stopped by the Ninja's vegetarian hippy health food store, some punk guy spit at me. Like, head to toe black denim'n'leather combo with spikes slathered everywhere and non-Hot Topic patches. Boots and sticky-up hair. Spit at my feet. Not near, production quality at.

As McDonalds would say, I'm lovin' it.

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