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Meaningless in text form.

Opening Credits: Radiohead - I Might Be Wrong
Waking-up Scene: Foetus - Throne of Agony
Average-day Scene: Muppet Treasure Island - Professional Pirate
Best-friend scene: Moby feat Gwen Stefanni - South Side
First-date scene: Sublime - Wrong Way
Falling-in-love scene: John Wesley Harding - Like a Prayer
Love scene: King Missle - Sex With You
Fight-with-friend scene: Stroke 9 - Little Black Backpack
Break-up scene: Sleater-Kinney - Good Things
Get-back-together scene: Voltaire - Parade
Fight-at-home scene: Cranberries - Put Me Down
"Life's okay" scene: Venga Boys - We Like to Party!
Heartbreak scene: Fishbone - Slick Nick, You Devil You
Mental-breakdown scene: Pixies - Gouge Away
Deep-thought scene: King Missle - Cheesecake Truck
Flashback scene: John Wesley Harding - July 13th 1985
Party scene: Lil Kim feat Mr Cheeks - The Jump Off
Happy dance scene: Screaching Weasel - I Wanna Be
Regret scene: Portisehead - All Mine
Long-night-alone scene: Bauhaus - Nerves
Death scene: The Smiths - Asleep
Closing credits: VNV Nation - Standing (Still)

It's taken me days to put this together, and some of the songs are possibly iffy, at least in that there are equally viable/worthy alternatives, but maybe those'll go into the sequel. It was hard not to make the closing credits some 20 minute number by Arvo Pärt, on principle.. but I didn't want to make my own damn movie into a vehicle for principles. (Even mine) Fight with Friend is probably the most awkward fit, simply because it was the most difficult pick. It's curious to me how many songs are definitely songs du jour, vs many that are 15 year champions. Even with that, though, I know I'm forgetting "better", "more appropriate" songs via proximity. July 13th 1985 is more than a textual smirk. I tried ever so hard to avoid that Bauhaus song, too. How many of my sentences begin or end with a variant of "also"?

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