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The only thing left to do now is nap.

Throbbing headache and I still can't find my camera case. I don't know what I was thinking yesterday.. but I woke up today with laundry undone, look at the calender to find Oh yeah! It was this week I was supposed to go get my shot at PP. While getting ready to leave I notice my cell phone recharger died, presumably the other night when I left the window open through a rain storm. Whee. So while the laundry was going I ran to the biggest area Sprint store I knew of, as the website was "temporarily out of stock" of the charger for my model. My old phone model, that mysteriously stopped appearing on the shelves about a month after I got at half price. Nothing anything like my phone is in their wall displays, where all the accessories are divided by compatibility. When the guy at the counter sees which model I have, he said he doubted it but he'd try the back just in case.. and comes back with a charger (no packaging) and says just take it, no charge. I'm pretty sure this means I have to get a newer phone soon. Mmmm, camera-phone. Somehow I convinced myself for half the day to wait the weekend out and get my shot on monday, the very laster than last day I could get it without interruption. Yeeess, I tell myself, it won't matter how tired I am or what time I get home Monday.. I'll at least be conscious enough to bus the straight trip to the center and it won't matter how long I have to wait.. if I go today it could waste valuable rushing time, just sitting around the waiting room for a walk-in appointment. When I realized how caught up I was I ran back out though, and got the worst ass-stabbing I've ever gotten there. I don't even think that chick was a doctor.. she definitely seemed remarkably unprofessional, but I mean that in a good way. She talked to me the way you talk to people you know, in your own home. Fuckin' oww, though.

Now I think I'm packed. I can feel how out of practice I am though. Usually right after I've packed, I know where every single thing in my house is. Today, just uncertainty.

I spent 34 dollars at Walgreen's today, and that's with no makeup purchases. Or bath products. The person who rung me up was the kind of person who calls the police when she sees someone who looks funny. Like them terrorists. This is actually true, in the event of hacker-terrorists. Hackers look funny.

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