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7:15am BZZZZZZZZT goes my doorbell. BZZZZT BZZZZZZZZZZT!!

7:16am Muffled knocking on the door.

7:16am cont' Muffled knocking on nearby doors, some kind of shouting.

7:17am More of same. I peek out the window and pretend not to see man across street waving up at me. "I'm looking, I wonder what's going on! I'm still looking! Hmm, looking!", is what my gaze said.

7:19am After a tackful pause out of window-view, sneak up under the window and lower the blind. Bet they didn't see that comming!

7:26am Peeking through the blinds up and down the street, I notice a "Police Regulation" sign stapled to a telephone pole suspiciously near my car. And a cement work thingy in the handicapped spot across the street.

7:28am I shuffle myself into some floor-clothes, hover at the top of the stairs until, say, 7:29 or so, then proceed out of doors.

7:whateveram Car gets moved. By me. Tacktful avoision of eye contact with Waving Man.

7:something until present: Drilling the fucking street up.

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