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A wise man once told me that everyone in the World Series are not baseball players, but wizards.

The little things don't make all the difference because there are so many little things. The little things make all the difference because they are the big things. There is no difference. No "Eh, it's such a little thing." One time, kind of a while ago, a friend of mine who's the same age as me put a different age on the line when filling out one of those "Pidly details no one care about" quizes. I just about had a heart attack that night. Every little thing I take for granted flashed before my eyes as potentially false.

Of course, it's mental. A bit. To a degree. But it's impossible to question one portion of fact alone, and presume the remainder is solid. Questioning one piece means questioning everything, no matter how unremarkable it is to begin with. When you take one atom out of a pile the final entity changes. And analyzing the new entitiy is only as possible as the ability to count atoms.

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