the Ether Bunny (ninjalicious) wrote,
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"Don't you remember? We were in kindergarten together."

Photos taken while sleeping. Items stolen. Accusations and rumours spread. Confrontation after confrontation. "You did this to me!" and "I don't even know you!" Attempts to cripple me via legal alligations and lies. Attempts to keep my phone away. Friends swarming aid. Secret planning and setting up ambushes. Siamang pretended to be away, all my friends bolstered the illusion, and I went on an interview to be on a Pokemon gameshow. Leaving my room vacant and open and awaiting my return. I lied and lied but they wanted me on, at least before they checked up on my credentials and claims. For my stunt I ran very fast along a v56er98542y (very, thank you Sprockets) long beam over water. I didn't fall and they were so impressed. Then back to the ambush, meeting up with certain friends telling me which room to find Siamang in, secret contact via cellphones and just as we were going together to see what awaited me in my room, the alarm.

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