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Halfway through my shower I realized I still needed a bath.

The kitties are getting along smashingly considering only two nights have passed. Sprockets is still apprehensive and jealous, but they've passed through hissing and distance into chasing and touching noses. Sprockets is still tying to keep tabs on (so far still named) Little Man a lot, but he doesn't get tense about it anymore. Now's the time on Sprockets when we have a play date!

Not to mention he's been unbelievably good since I brought him home from Cat Camp last week. He hasn't attacked me at all. Not one leg-swipe as I walk by. He hasn't been destructive, stays out of people's food when they're eating, doesn't try to force his way outside.. I'm suspecting feline lobotomy. I really hadn't had very high expectations, other than getting a temporary respite at home. Maybe finding him happier at camp, but the same when he came home.

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