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Kittens and water ice day!

Last night, after stopping by a particular pet store to cruise their adoptables and grab the requisite paperwork, we decided to stop by another place with an adoption station, just to do some cute and fuzzy window shopping. The first wee folk I set eyes on is a miniscule grey tabby with "Little Man, 7 weeks old, sweet" on a card clipped on the cage. After all the "Barry and Larry"s, "George and Martha"s, and "Silk, Satin, and Lace"s I've seen on kitten cages lately, I found the name "Little Man" intriguing and enticing. I pet him within his cage for a bit, while Siamang examined a very laid back grey tabby girl (named Zion.. this is not your father's PetSmart). When he seemed to become more interested in me than in napping or eating, I lifted Little Man out and held him. Immediately he began hissing at each cat that came within view. Hissing, growling, and warbling cries at every non-human present, from the other kittens to the 15 lbers. Bad ass. Whiskers burned short on one side. Hissing and hissing. I had to have him. It took me overnight to reach a final decision (including a last minute flux while in the store, just after telling the adoption woman we'd take him). But really. He's such a bad ass little man. Pretty, too.

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