the Ether Bunny (ninjalicious) wrote,
the Ether Bunny

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A group of us, unified through nailpolish style and brand, searching for someone who fell away. Or perhaps wandered off. Dungeon crawling through high-ceilinged sewer tunnels, when finally, an enormous cavernous(ly square) room full of beams and boxes, and she's falling into the boxes just as we enter. Falling like people do in board games, falling in steps, from one box into another, changing directions and pausing at times. We fall down after her, some rolling end over end from box to box, others sliding down rails and beams and ladders, and me, I don't think I moved at all. After we formed up a unit, segue to the beach party! None of the same people (besides me), all people I know. We're standing around an open beach, some shifting uncomfortably and other laughing and playing. We're taking pictures of each other, posing together. Someone I know doesn't had freckles. Sprockets woke me up, but not viciously.

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