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And then, feeling rather sick, he went to look for some parsley.

Peter was most dreadfully frightened; he rushed all over the
garden, for he had forgotten the way back to the gate.
He lost one of his shoes among the cabbages, and the other shoe amongst the potatoes.

After losing them, he ran on four legs and went faster, so that I
think he might have got away altogether if he had not unfortunately run into a gooseberry
net, and got caught by the large buttons on his jacket. It was a blue jacket with brass
buttons, quite new.

Peter gave himself up for lost, and shed big tears; but his sobs
were overheard by some friendly sparrows, who flew to him in great excitement, and
implored him to exert himself.

Mr. McGregor came up with a sieve, which he intended to pop upon
the top of Peter; but Peter wriggled out just in time, leaving his jacket behind him.

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