October 31st, 2010

Kung Fu'd


I learned how to set the table from the RHPS but the Tim Curry movie I could watch over and over again is Clue.

I wanted to spend the day in disguise as someone who owns orange clothing but no dice. I wore orange and black eyeshadow and a grey hoodie.. essentially some sort of costume. Bort went in disguise as a cat who can sit right up next to the kitten without hissing, he must have been working on it for months. When it comes to trick or treaters I love all indiscriminately. Those who pluck a single piece, who say "trick or treat!" and "thank you", those whose fingers close over whatever fits and those who dart and snatch. I hate them peeled and non-peeled! Those wearing a costume with the tag still on and those wearing jeans and a sweatshirt with their backpacks worn on the chest. The kids who are shy and those with a sense of candy entitlement. The woman who snapped "What, I gotta do this too?" as I proffered the candy bowl is coming really close but it's a holy day and I'm going to include her.

At home I made home made Mounds barlls, p much a glorified Irish potato candy, because I can't stop making christfucking spheres.
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