April 20th, 2009

Crooked motherfucker

peripheral visions

For Ortho-Easter I stacked my champvallon potatoes/potatoes/lamb(broth pour)pie crust instead of potatoes/lamb/potatoes(broth pour) and I don't feel sorry. During the week I poured the runoff jellybeans into the emptying basket because I'd rather gather them out from the plastic blades one at a time than tip a few from the bag into my hand.. and felt similarly unrepentant.

Sometimes people wonder what I like about TV. This quote is a decent summary.

"In 2003, Passions submitted a trained orangutan named BamBam, who had been portraying the recurring role of Precious, for a Daytime Emmy Award. Precious was the non-speaking live-in nurse and caregiver for elderly Edna Wallace, and held an unrequited love for Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald, which was depicted in elaborate fantasy sequences. In early 2004, the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, which administers the awards, disallowed the entry with the following statement:

Our ruling is based on the belief that the Academy must draw a line of distinction between animal characters that aren't capable of speaking parts and human actors whose personal interpretation in character portrayal creates nuance and audience engagement that uniquely qualifies those performers for consideration of television's highest honor."

Now's The Time On Sprockets When We Dance ended the holiday with style, climbing onto the highest kitchen cabinets and then puking over the edge, where it plopped into a casserole dish full of water in the sink and presumably scored big points with neighborhood cats.
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