March 12th, 2009


the simple thinks in live

I baked a pan of chocolate chip cookies before bed so there will be cookies when I wake up in the morning. I guess this means I gave myself Cookie Crisp for my birthday. I started doing the dishes while it baked so that, you know, to give myself no dishes in the morning. But then I started thinking that maybe that was silly and the best thing I could give myself was a normal morning, with morning dishes. I don't know. I'm a hard sell on leaving myself the gift of dishes but an easy sell on arguing with myself over the dishes.

Martha Stewart told Jim Cramer that Jon Stewart is like Twitter. Which was Martha's birthday gift to me. I'm starting to understand why everyone hates this Cramer guy, I waited 30 humourless minutes and no banana cream pie.

Chris slept alone the other night and woke up in bed with a calculus book.
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