September 11th, 2005


"I know what I hate. And I don't hate this."

Part one in a series.

It's possible that's the only picture of someone flipping the bird that doesn't agitate me on some fundamental level. Then again maybe any animated caricature may flip the bird with impunity.

When I was wee one of my recurring nightmares involved my parents having switched bodies with some ghosts. My parents had their own heads on ghost bodies, and were sad and impotent all the time. I think the ghosts had stolen their bodies outright, although I'm not really positive on the method of exchange. Almost everything about those dreams was orange and white. The ghost bodies wore bright orange jumpsuits somewhere between hunting apparel and prisonwear. The floor was almost always an orange and white checkerboard of sorts, and while only half of the squares were solid (other half being empty holes, of course), I can't seem to remember at all which color was the solid, which was the color of empty. My brother and I would be sitting on different parts of this tiled floor, trying to make our way around without falling through. I believe the idea was if we managed to get off the grid, we'd be able to help our parents.
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