September 3rd, 2005


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There's only two Trader Joe's products allowed in the house anymore. Their Sake Wasabi Mustard, and Honey Mango shaving gel*. I wish I had a thermos to put my liverwurst sandwich into.

*If you shave your face with it, it smells like you've been drinking pina coladas.

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Since yesterday I've been scanning the forums on looking for Chris's missing grandparents. They lived in Chalmette and were among those who stayed behind initially, evacuating to the local high school later, and rescued from the rooftop in those news-splattered wire baskets when even the second floor became unsafe, as the building was breaking apart. I don't know them well and I can't say I "care" about them, but it can't help at tug at me vicariously, I guess. As of tonight they're still on the (unofficial)missing/unaccounted for list, but supposedly a large update of found peeps will be added in the morning. (morning edit: Alive and at the Astrodome! Were only able to call home via the grace of another survivor with a cellphone.. as the Red Cross is not allowing anyone there access to other phones?)

At any rate, that wasn't the point. I intersperse searching their names and the login names of Chris's family members with scanning other posts for possible leads.

"If anybody needs (I am not sure how sanitary this would be)they can bust out the windows in my house at 17 West Chalmette Circle and get the 3 - 4 cases of bottled water.They are located to the immediate left of the front door. If the far left window is busted out - they should be right there through the window on the table. I had initially planned to stay but decided against it sunday morning. Anything in my home is up for grabs if anybody that needs it can get to it. I don't care about my windows bust them out. But due to the sanitary issue, I don't think it would be wanted??? Please pass this information if you think it could be utilized - or for that matter, anything in my house."

I think reading that was the first time I physically cried since this whole thing began.

This site seems to be down now, but hopefully that'll change soon. Anyone else looking for news of someone you haven't been able to verify yet: a request form for status of missing persons from the Salvation Army. Also the Red Cross version.
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Katrina is a queer beast

After all the myriad ridiculous shit I've not defriended people over during the span of my LJing, I defriended someone last night over their Katrina entry, someone who's actually been on my f'list from the very beginning, in various forms and extents, since mid 2001.

I don't know what's been going around but there's this low-level agitation underscoring everything lately. I mostly identify with posts like this and this. I'm genuinely enthused and enthralled with the good, the free housing offers and the break in and use what you canage and everything that goes with that.. but the spaces in between are just fucked and hostile. I have conversations with people where the entire gist is I don't know what I'm going to do today, I'm just so irate. We co-acknowledge our sullen rage and with little else to say drift off to go about our days, practically standing in corners so we don't have to see the shit that'll induce us to rend someone's face off.
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