August 31st, 2005

You got murder in my peanut butter


If I read another "give whatever you can to the animal shelters because puppies and kittens in New Orleans are in big trouble!!" I'm going to lose a lot of friends. I hate people as much as the next angry antisocialite, but hundreds of thousands of people are homeless, infrastructures are decimated, and some areas are talking up to 12 weeks to even regain electricity, let alone anything else. Hospitals have lost even backup power. People are getting "rescued" to the side of the highway because there's just nowhere else to put them. Fuck your fucking cat adoption. Fuck your pathetic attempts to look charitable. If you care if a cat gets adopted in New Orleans, put the city back together first. Put the unpopular and voodooless surrounding suburbs back together first. Rescuers are swimming through corpses to get to survivors. Fuck your feigned concern.