April 22nd, 2005

Things fall apart

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He moved his bed out today. This time last year we were in Vegas, maybe lying on the bed with the phonebook open to "chapels", maybe at a dollar blackjack table, maybe buying 40s and figuring out which bloody mary mix had the least sodium. I'm glad summer nicked in early this year and it smells more warm than spring. I went to the supermarket. I've never bought paper plates before.
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Sneaky ninja map of sneaking

Bort walks on your plate and picks food from between your teeth.

Starvin' Football Marvin, aka Streetcat Marvin, is an accomplished and nigh constant beggar. When I discovered that, despite his hungriest of intentions, he wouldn't actually take food out of my hands, but rather would only pace back and forth mewling and gazing eagerly until I dropped the food into the plastic bowl Chris feeds him in (at which point he inhales whatever morsel he wouldn't put his mouth on a moment before), I thought it was the most goddamned adorable thing to discover. Dear god, the cuteness, I thought.

This morning when Chris was taking his mattress out to the truck, Marvin smacked him and then ran away. Dear god, the cuteness.
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I spent the afternoon practicing saying, "My life's been really.. chaotic lately.." without my voice cracking.
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