February 12th, 2005


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Only I would open the best stocked liquor cabinet this side of some river or other and be in a worse mood for it. (Not worse enough to keep me off the Frangelico, naturally.) I sip it from a tiny shotglass. It's my favorite liquor but somehow I drink it less than pretty much everything else, including beer which I don't even enjoy. The only things I drink less are the unopened bottles. (A diminishing contingent.)

The other day Siamang asked me what my favorite Sandman storyline was. I had a hard time answering at the time, and even now, every time I consider it all I come up with is "this one?" (It was about here when I realized people don't obsessively scan and upload as much as I'd appreciate.)

Did you know people actually say "cor"?

Today is a great day.
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