December 4th, 2004

catfish envy

It's not actually abuse if she only shoots her a little bit.

Just because I'm a criminal doesn't mean I'm not bitter that police cars arbitrarily give people a hard time at night.. paying people-at-large proactive attention, following cars they happen to drive past not by any virtue of individual actions or specific behavior, but simply because they happened to be outside when it's dark. I may prefer the day and become afeared at night, but it's still dick behavior.

I didn't complain when The Rapture, movie that is never on tv ever, was playing on some cable channel we don't get, and I didn't complain when HBO ran Agnes of God 2 days later (1 day after canceling HBO), but after the trip to the video store today seeing The Rapture happen to be situated in the middle of otherwise new releases, but of course unavailable at present, I'm complaining. FFS. I just wanna see Mimi Rogers shoot her little girl in the face, just a little bit. Then I'll stop watching, I swear.

Anyway, (don't kill me Kathy but) I'm off to quit the guild and play my new undead priest, Agnes. Get it? Undead? Priest? Get it?(Every time I'm depressed I start to make a char named Ethyl Anne, but I never go through with it.)
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