October 19th, 2004


"Your grandmom is like.. um. I mean, she's. It's.. nevermind."

I will take this back at a later date, but as of this second, the best dreams are the ones that end "And then we were sitting at a table with your grandmom, having done the quest to rescue her earlier in the night, and we were all talking about, you know.. when people do stuff to very tiny stuff."

Which probably had something to do with the whole "Become an engineer!" thing yesterday, which I tried very hard not to reply back "So you're saying I shouldn't get stabbed in my bed and die? (quizzical face)", and in fact succeeded, being at least sane enough to remember when a wholey inexplicable inside joke will have no other effect on a stranger than to creep them the fuck out. But really. So I shouldn't get stabbed in my bed and die? It's hard to understand what people are saying, sometimes. I would have liked to ask.
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