October 4th, 2004

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I have these tickets in my hand right now. I carry them around the house with me all day long.

A few weeks ago, I didn't even think I was going to make it at all. After just recently missing their "guest appearance" at one of those massive multi-concerts, and just recentlier discussing how the only time I'd even gotten close to seeing them was that one GenCon in the late 90's when they just so happened to be playing at the bar we ate every single (-1) meal in, the night of the morning we were leaving. You try convincing gamers that we don't need to start our 15 hour drive home until 12 hours later than planned. (You'd think the CG types would be more than willing to miss another day of work, but noooo, once they put their character sheets away it's all "I'll get fired!" and "I want to sleep in my bed, not in the back seat of the car wedged between that guy who "forgot" to shower all weekend and the luggage.")

So when I heard they were playing in October, I didn't even think I was going to make it at all. No, wait. I was absolutely positively sure I was going to make it! No matter what! I was gonna finally after all these years and that copy of License to Ill that I had to hide in my nightstand and always got eaten by my cassette player, the one I was always winding back onto the spools until the time the tape got flipped wrong-way-round in the casing, I was finally gonna see them!


Discoveries were made and I started thinking that, while I needed to see the Beastie Boys, I also should see Diamanda, and I started doing likelihood of repeat opportunity equations in my head. Plus the Diamanda factor was more of a selfless act, in a selfish sort of way. Chris has never heard her before, knew nothing about her, and as a qualified professional it is my esteemed opinion that he needs to see her. Even while I was angsting and changing my "definitely final decision" by the minute, he decided that he didn't want to know anything more about her, not hear any music, see any anything, until the show. You know, if we go. Somewhere in all of this I decided to take a cold, hard look at their tour schedules. See who seemed to be getting around more, and for how long, see if either one would make a convenient out of town trip, etc. That is when I happened across the show concept. In that moment, I knew what concert we were going to.

But then!! Another discovery!



So, now I have our tickets, although I am as confused as fuck-all in a brain-static kind of way. These tickets feel like they're in the wrong house. I don't know how to hold them, surrounded by walls painted in subdued colors with white molding hip-high. I feel a distinct lack of wood paneling being held against each other by peeling-dry duct tape. This building feels like a house, on a street. I need to take these tickets to a van down by the river, and not come back until the concert is over. I need a hole in the ground to burrow myself into and not come out until the reverberations are long dissipated.

In the meantime, I'm entertaining myself using this database's function to highlight who sings what. You can do it song by song, or albums at a time. Some of them are whole paragraphs of each color, but I just skim right past those.
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Stab Time

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Knock knock knock doorbell doorbell pound pound doorbell pound pound pound!!

"Jesus fucking Fishtown", I thought, on my way to the door. "Who wants to see our kitties now?"

No one! It is some manner of professional! With a clipboard! And she wants me to say something other than "Knocking like that is really fucking rude." before slamming the door in her face!

I'll tell you what, lady! I'll answer whatever you wanna ask, if you take that g0ddamned denim blazer off and eat it! Because it is really fucking rubbing me the wrong way right now! People are choking to death on your denim fucking blazer!
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