August 27th, 2004

velveteen rabbit

Emma, Emmalie, I'm gonna make you the biggest star this world has ever seen.

For the last couple of showers I've let my hair air dry afterwards. All of it, mostly-grown-out bangs included. The first day was the most tentative of experiments, and I expected to have to rewet and blowdry afterwards. With that in mind I didn't touch it or attempt to control it at all after towling it because I wanted to know the worst. It turned out.. not bad. A little more 80's hair band than I would have liked (especially the morning after), but not awful. Siamang said he liked it, but I'm pretty sure I could gel it up to high heaven or shave it off or tape a squirrel to my head and he'd still say he liked it. I'm not entirely comfortable with it, but it's way better than it used to be, and I feel at this point I actually am free from the blowdryer, in a necessity sense. I like this feeling. I could get rained on and not feel ridiculous afterwards until I could ferret away to a dryer, and I could run away to pirate school sans outlet remorse. Excellent

I've been a little weepy the last few days. Tearing up over everything from educational cartoons to coffee commercials to a fuzz of lint on my sleeve. I think it's a reactionary kind of thing that follows stuff like letting a tear or two slip over something inane, like a bad movie, or a good movie with a bad scene. Or something. Maybe it's the frustration factor, the memory that when I'm trying I could suck it all up during even the most intense emo-stabs, but without foreknowledge and proper bracing, maybe you weren't prepared enough at the right moment. (You meaning tossing off responsibility of course, not you meaning I'm being mindful of humanity.)

I've been cooking more lately after a sharp decline, and this time around I'm discovering the joys of baking. I never used to understand it, all my cheffy friends had these sharp slants towards baking, but I couldn't care less about it. I'm probably cheating the terms all up, because realistically I know all these people cared about were what would commonly be called "baked goods", cakes and pies and cookies and breadly things. I guess I'm baking too, though. Last week (through the awesomeness known as "husband working at Trader Joe's") I made this (with a tiny bit of screwing around, such as the pasta amount (I used a box of short rigatoni) and the 2oz cheese portions were estimated. Oh, and we substituted asiago for the 'gruyère or emmental' slot. It was, as we say in Lactose Dependant circles, TOFUCKINGDIEFOR. In addition I've been working on perfecting my one trick pie pony. For my next project I might just try these, since the ones I picked up frozen had humburger bun type buns, which was a little suspect.
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