August 9th, 2004

In Dreams

I got something to say, I raped your mother today.

Sometimes I get so tempted to interject things like, "Thanks for never asking me about the stuff we never talk about."

But then again I just this moment realized the perils of recursive self-reference, only seconds too soon.

I have a lot of chores to do today. I wish I had a lot of mushrooms to eat instead.

Somewhere in here I had a link to frame.
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(no subject)

Yesterday afternoon I bought this lipstick at the recommendation/warning of aprilrobin.

I put it on in the car before going home, I was so curious to try it out.

I ate dinner. I drank. I had sex. (Make-out sex, not no-lips porno sex.) I slept and woke up. I ate breakfast and took a shower. I sat here for a few hours, screwing around and idly rubbing my lips together to try to break it down. It remained unremoved.

I finally broke down and rubbed some olive oil on my lips to get it off.
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