July 26th, 2004

Once the Neutral war machine lies in ruins...

Tomorrow siamang has an introductory appointment with a urologist, with the intent being to get a vasectomy. Probably a waste of time, as I presume the nature of the visit is for the doctor to make sure he knows all there is to know about the procedure and possibilities (check and check), and to make sure he is certain he wants to go through with it. I could tell the doctor I've already asked him if he's sure with every inflectual variant he could use. I've asked if he's sure he wants to. I've asked "are you sure", "are you sure you want to do it for you", and "are you totally sure that you want to do this for YOU?!??1?" I suspect the doctor will want to bold his own yous anyway, but I mean hell. Even in an off-topic discussion where I mentioned meetzemonsta talking about several new longterm birth control variants, he interjected the assertion that he thinks a vasectomy is the best option. Not that I'm surprised, I mean he has been bringing up and talking about the idea of getting one for as long as I've known him, back even to those first few months when we talked very tentatively maybe as much as once a week, knowing little about each other personally beyond an idea of "Omg s/he's awesome" and "fux0r, don't let me fuck this up". (I remember one time, after sending some (very pretty and not like other flash games!) flash game, he sent a sarcastic comment and I thought for sure I had just thrown out weeks worth of tortoise-like conversation in one thoughtless moment. The agony of the flash. ;_;)

But yeah, what was I was saying? Set on getting one, despite the options. I wonder how many doctors take it upon themselves to work harder to dissuade someone when they sense that. If they presume to get to that mindset the person must have been mulling it over and processing their ideas for years, or if some simply react to an insistent mind by assuming something is wrong, and attempt to talk the person out of it. I'm torn between assuming most docs just take this step as a technical precaution and set a date the moment the person says "yes!", or the idea that a doc in a specialized area like this might attempt to exert more influence, to make a concerted effort to keep the uncertain from slipping through the cracks.
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