July 23rd, 2004

In Dreams

je ne sais pas à

It's 7:58am, and it's nap time.

I feel some regret over the fact that there are no cookies, and the only milk around here is soy.
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    from village to township my sword hangs at my hip

Suffer the little students, get dollars from me.

The firemen just failed their roll to hit me up for money about 5 times coming and going from my house. Someone should've let them know the only surefire way to get me to fork over the cash is Penn State sweatshirts. A few winters ago students collectively got me for maybe 20 bucks over the course of a weekend. They were stationed in small groups all over this area I was about in south Jersey, and every time I'd see their adorable oversized Penn State sweatshirts standing in the middle of the road I had my hand out the window before I came to a stop. Of course, there was that one time I gave those two girls a few bucks for no further reason than they had new, matching buckets. I figured if they're gonna go out and get matching begging buckets, I don't care what it's for. They can have some $. The fire department? An old boot. What do they know about begging?
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    I add up like a mathemetician