June 30th, 2004

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I'm finding all kinds of buried treasure sorting through box after bag of old belongings (yes, I know, most people do this before they move). A lot of it's confusing and a fair amount is nonsense. This morning I threw out film that expired in 1992. Two old purse-functioning-bags that looked as if nothing had been removed when I switched them out of use. Little paper notes, makeup, pens, every little trinket that would normally be found in my active bag. A tube of miniature dice was in one. I bought new tubes of mini dice to put in my newer backpack! Wtf happened there? I have no idea what I was doing or thinking.

One of the things I'm throwing away is a big, pink, heart-shaped box. It has a pink, heart-shaped "gem" on the lid, along with lavender heart-shaped buttons numbered 1-9. It has those jewelry box divisions on the inside, and contained a fair amount of plastic jewelry (some colorful gemy looking, some look clear but turn a color in sunlight) (those are the ones that came with the gems coated in faux dirt that you had to wash off, then insert them in the jewelry casings yourself). In order to open it, you had to enter a 3 digit code that would result in the pink gem flashing, a chimey sound, and the lid would pop open. If you entered the wrong code, a failure chime would ring and it'd remain shut. It doesn't open like that anymore. Now it opens when you jimmy it with a knife. It's still full of plastic jewelry.
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