June 19th, 2004

Hey let's go

Ask me why and I'll spit in your eye

I asked the Queen of the Block when that block party she invited us to was, because if I understood her description correctly, it's a day-long event where anyone who's everyone fills the entire street with a merriness I'm not willing to abide. She assured me it was either July 26th, or July 28th.. whichever one is Saturday. Um.

Assuming she meant the 24th, I'm planning on being a very long way away for the duration of the weekend. I'm not taking any chances. I'm not coming home Saturday night only to have to wade through a sea of festively airbrushed t-shirts, all asking why we didn't make it in between knocking each other up/knocking each other down. My first idea was Atlantic City, 'cause The Boy has wanted to go there forever, yet hasn't.. yet. Overnight casino shenanigans featuring all of the drinking we'll be missing by being away, with none of the child-smacking aftertaste.

Who's with me and/or us? (By which I mean us.) Alternately, who has a better idea?
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    when I used to go out, I'd know everyone I saw